Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Hump Day Hotness!

It's a good thing I'm scheduled for Wednesdays! I have such a schmorgasboard of male deliciousness to offer. I know, I know, I'm the worlds worst blogger - OR I'm in the top 10 at the very least...

But I promise to do better. So, here's my hotness...

You are Sooooo welcome.
And since Mr. Fillion is my inspiration for Leo (hero - Galileo's Holiday) here's a little snippet of sizzle to see you through the day. ;)

His arms crushed her to him. His hands pressed against her back, and his tongue sought entry to mouth.

Once more, she moaned. Her hands moved over him, tugging his shirt from his pants.

His hand grasped hers, holding them still. “Riley.”

He really was a good guy. She was pulling his clothes off, and he was stopping her. He should stop her. She should stop…this. But she’d lost everything—had control of nothing. Except what was happening right now. And right now, she couldn’t think of a thing she wanted more than Leo…all of Leo.

“Don’t stop this, Leo. I don’t want you to.” Her words were husky as she pulled his head back to her.

His kiss changed, losing any restraint. He lifted her with ease, grabbing her ankle and wrapping it about his
waist. His back was pressed against the wall, letting him use both hands to hold her against him.

He gripped her hips, and she clung to his shirt, desperate for more. She’d never felt such heat, such longing.

His hands were on her bare skin, making her thankful her shirt laces offered him no resistance. She was vaguely aware of helping him shake off his shirt. His stomach touched hers, hot and hard against her chest.
                                                                                               ~Galileo's Holiday


Jennifer L Hart said...

LOVE Nathan Fillion. LOVE the picture.

Kaylea Cross said...

Whooo! Thanks for the pick-me-up :).

Sebella Blue said...

He is just soooo uber hot, yet he somehow seems attainable. That combination just wrecks me. Thanks for brightening up my mid-week blahs.


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