Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Release Day for The Pleasure Project

Jenna McCormick for Writers Gone Wild  
I am bed wetting excited today because my very first contribution to an anthology is now up for sale! Together with authors Cassie Ryan and  Jax who you might know as Jaquelin Frank, we have a collection of futuristic erotic romances sure to send our pulse rate into orbit. Enough of my bathering, on with the main event!
Project Seduction from The Pleasure Project Anthology.

            Jace Donovan is on the fast track at Illustra. He may have started out as a pleasure companion but his boss has promised him a major promotion if he can keep one extremely important client happy. Just one week aboard the interstellar cruise ship Trist for a bachelorette party and he’s free to put his wild youth behind him for good. Everything’s going according to plan until he realizes the mother of the bride is the one woman he could never forget.
            Haunted by memories of her night with the mysterious Jace, Evie Ripley has no time to devote on her newly reawakened lusts. Her only child is about to make the biggest mistake of her life and Evie will do anything in her power to talk some sense into her daughter. Even if she has to go through Jace—and her own heart—to do it.

Excerpt: Project Seduction by Jenna McCormick

Jace recovered from his amazement and grabbed Evie’s arm to steady her. It was clear from the high color in her cheeks and her unfocused gaze that the broken champagne flute at her feet wasn’t her first of the evening.

            He couldn’t have her making a scene and knowing Evie, she was gearing up to give him what for. But keeping up appearances and a lid on commotion was his number one priority. Every career goal he’d set for himself was riding on this voyage, their attainment dependent on its success.

            But those goals seemed very far away with his hand on Evie’s warm arm, staring into her big blue eyes again. Because Maude Abernathy was standing right there, watching his every move, he brought Evie’s knuckles to his lips. “Jace Donovan, Illustra pleasure companion at your service.”

            “Is that right?” Evie pulled her hand back. Her lips compressed in a tight line and her eyes promised fifth circle of hell type of consequences.

            Just then, the lights dimmed as the captain turned on the reflectors. The once-opaque ceiling now showed a clear view of the Earth from space with stars twinkling in the distance. A hush fell over the crowd at the heavenly sight so close one could almost reach up and touch it. Every head in the room tilted upward to take it all in.

            Every head but his. Jace watched Evie blink in wonder at the glory of the cosmos spread out before her. Her lush lips parted as she stared for an endless moment.

            His heart rate kicked up and a grin spread across his face. He’d never thought he’d see her again and now she was his assignment, the prickly mother of the bride Maude Abernathy had told him to keep busy for the week.

            Jace smiled. The possibilities of how to do that were as endless as the vista above them.

            “Allow me to show you to your room,” he muttered low in Evie’s ear. She shivered but didn’t argue. Placing his hand at the small of her back, he guided her out of the room and down the hall to her private suite.

            The reflectors lined the entire hull of the ship and Evie had been assigned a suite on the top level. Her gaze remained fixed on the ceiling as he ushered her through the door and sat her down on the chaise.

            “Lie back and look your fill,” he commanded, and she did. He sat on the floor next to her, watching her face as she stared up at the cosmos. If she’d been another woman, he might have started undressing her, massaging her until she was ready for a deeper touch, but he wanted to make sure Evie wasn’t armed.

           “I wasn’t going to make a scene, you know,” she said, her eyes still fixed on the view. “It’s my daughter’s pre-wedding event. I may have dust on my boots and hay in my hair, but I’m not as tactless as that.”

            “So you’re not here to break up the wedding?” Maude Abernathy had told him otherwise.

            Evie finally looked at him. “I think she’s making a mistake.”

            “You daughter is a grown woman, it’s hers to make.”

            “Like the ones I’ve made?” Evie looked at him pointedly.

            Jace’s stomach dropped. “You think sleeping with me was a mistake?”

            “I think sleeping with a man I barely knew was a mistake. Pleasure companion, Jace? Why didn’t you tell me?” Her lip trembled.

            He reached for her hand. “I’m sorry, Evie. I would have told you, but you made it clear you didn’t want to see me again.”

            “And for that I deserved to be kept in the dark?”

            How could he make her understand? “It’s just that I wanted you to see me for me, and not as some sex toy. I wanted more from you, and I’ve learned that most woman who know what I do for a living don’t see me as relationship material.”

            “That’s no excuse to lie to me. In fact, it’s a good thing I didn’t know because when I did find out, it would have been a deal breaker.”

            “Because of my job,” he seethed.

            “Because you intentionally deceived me. Because I can’t trust you.” Evie shook her head and withdrew her hand. “What a mess.”

            “It doesn’t have to be.” His cock was already hard, just from feeling her soft skin, inhaling her sweet scent. Moving closer, he hovered over her, letting his enhanced pheromones work their magic, helping to relax her. “We’re here now, we have a second chance.”

            “You’re on the clock,” she shot back, but refused to meet his eyes. Despite her venom, he sensed the hurt lurking in the shadows.

            “How can I fix this?” he asked, tucking a strand of silky dark hair behind her ear. “How do I make it right between us?”

            She didn’t answer right away, and his intestines knotted up as he considered that she’d say nothing he could say or do would repair the damage. Would she report him for unscrupulous conduct? Hell, was she upset enough to go on a crusade to see him fired?

            Then he saw the glistening streaks of moisture tracking down her pale cheek and all of his self-centered worries were dispersed by the wave of guilt. He’d made her feel badly, he’d made her cry. “Evie . . .”

            She turned away, but he moved up onto the seat next to her and pulled her into his arms, offering her comfort he had no right to give.

            “Was any of it real, Jace? Did I mean anything to you?” Her voice wobbled as she fought her emotions.

            Jace could barely breathe, his lungs crushed under the weight of her question. “More than you can ever know.”


The Pleasure Project is now available from Amazon, Barnes&Nobel and your favorite bookstore!
ISBN-10: 0758241798
ISBN-13: 978-0758241795


Gail Hart said...

Congrats on your new release!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Another winner from you! Happy release day, diva~

Gail Hart said...

And another OW/YM story that rocks! ;-)

Jenna McCormick said...

TY, ladies!

Anonymous said...

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