Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Text-Happy Harpy

Jennifer L. Hart for Writers Gone Wild

There are certain people that you just don't want to see with technology. Why? Because they abuse the privilege to an insane degree. We don't give a warlord a nuclear bomb and Verizon should have known better than to give the Text Happy Harpy a damn text messaging plan. Bad things will happen.

Now don't get me wrong, the TTH is a nice person. Friendly, a little too friendly for my liking, but I'm hard to please. I've asked her, begged her to not text like she's getting paid for it during my working hours but she doesn't see why having my phone ping when I'm in the middle of a chapter is a distraction. Never mind pinging non-fricking-stop. And I can't shut it off, in case the school or the husband calls.
She has my number and dear God, she isn't afraid to use it. And what makes the THH unique from all the other people that I am glad to receive texts from, she has NOTHING to say, yet manages to eat up fifteen texts to do it.

I have a certain number of texts per month that I share with my husband. We've got two growing and incredibly handsome boys who are going to want in on the whole cell phone texting arena. But I'll be damned if I go to an unlimited plan so I can get more, BS messages because she takes seven texts to write a paragraph. I've tried not responding, but then she sends an RU OK?I try finishing the conversation, but it is endless, fruitless and frustrating as all get out.

So, any advice on how to deal with the text happy harpy? A nice woman who doesn't understand she'd doing anything wrong except slowly driving me insane.

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Heather Long said...

Be blunt. I know that sound disingenuous. Explain to her that working hours are working hours. Text messages are distracting and should be for emergencies only. I've had a few of those and sometimes it's literally a matter of being harsh to get the point across because they just don't see it.


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