Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maree's Top Reads For Boys

MAREE'S TOP READS FOR BOYS  by Maree Anderson  (for Writers Gone Wild)

Hi y'all,

Eeek! According to my calculations, there's only, like, an hour left of Thursday over in the US-- it get's confusing when you live down the other end of the globe and your country only has one time zone to worry about *g*. So as I've (probably?) almost missed my Thursday slot completely, I figure it'll be a very very quick one from me this fortnight.

If you’ve got boys in your life who are difficult to buy books for, then I have a list that might be of some use to you. I've listed a range of books-- non-fiction, fiction, series, fantasy, paranormal… hopefully something to suit all male tastes.

Some of the books on the list may surprise you but all have been read by my son, so I can vouch for the fact that at least one boy has enjoyed them. Plus, I recently had to drop a 16 yo male friend of DD’s home from a party, and when we started talking books, turns out both he and his younger brother have enjoyed a bunch of these, too.

I figure this might a timely post for those who are starting their Christmas shopping! So if you're interested, click here to go to Maree's Top Reads For Boys post on my website.


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