Friday, November 19, 2010

I have the golden ticket!

LIANE GENTRY SKYE (for Writers Gone Wild)

OK, wild things. Brace yourselves.

I have the golden ticket, the elusive entry pass to the writer's life we've all dreamed of.

Most of you know I lost my way as a writer while dealing with a chronic medical situation with my son. The ashes (no pun intended) from our housefire have settled as much as they ever will, and I feel both driven to get some completed works in progress beneath my belt. With that said, I'm also overwhelmed by the idea of restarting a career that looked like a done deal just a year ago.

The overwhelmed part won. In fact, it ballgagged my muse. Clearly, something had to be done. Otherwise, a career in bean counting might be a more realistic endeavor. Given I can barely count to ten, not a good place to find myself.

"I want to get published again, damn it."

This is where the voice of reason (who sounds an awful lot like DH)weighed in. "So fine, Liane. Go write a book."

"Hello, I AM writing."

"But what have you finished lately?"

Voice of reason had a point. I almost regret braining him with my skillet. Almost. Still, something had to give.

What better way to let go and let a story happen than the writerly ribaldry that is Nanowrimo? Fifty K in thirty days? Noooo problem.

Like many of you, I'm neck deep in my story, and for once, my muse is cracking his whip like a dom on meth. If I'm not careful, I might just have a book by month's end. One that needs a lot of cleanup, but a finished manuscript, nonetheless. Which is a far cry better than where I began this effort.

During the process of let go and let muse, I believe I stumbled into that magic something that sifts the wanna bees from the do bees.

Yes, my friends, I have the golden ticket. But I have to tell you that it's not quite as shiny as I'd hoped. It's kind of like fairy magic, it comes with a price. Which is downright sobering.

So brace yourselves.

The key to becoming the author you want to be is....


Every day.

No matter what.

No matter how badly.

Truth is, you can't fix what you never wrote in the first place.

So there you have it. You want to be an author? Go write.

Here's hoping all of you who are in this nano-effort with me are having as much fun writing badly as I am!

Race you to the finish line!


Kaylea Cross said...

Good on you Liane! Great advice, too. Must put on my big girl panties and wade back into the fray of my WIP.

Hope you get to that finish line soon!

Maree Anderson said...

You got it, lady! Abso-fricking-lutely right on the button. And I may not be brave enough to NaNo, but damn, writing new words for a shiny new story again is a wonderful wonderful thing. Go, Liane! That finish line is in sight and it's got your name on it *VBG*

Saranna DeWylde said...

Dude, you'd have to make an effort to write badly. Your work always flows like a waterfall.

I am so proud of you for getting your butt in chair and making this happen.

I know you can do it!


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